Lenny BlogHiring a good PCA is a hard thing to do, but two years ago I hired Robin Schreck who went to college around my town for nursing. While working for me, Robin quickly became a very good friend. I later found out that her family owned a local restaurant in Madison, Connecticut called Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale. Lenny and Joe's Fish Tale is known for their seafood and their outdoor carousel.

Lenny blog 2The restaurant does charity work for local groups to promote awareness of certain issues and to raise money from the carousel. All the proceeds from the carousel ticket purchases go to the charity. Robin's family suggested to my family last year that we partake in this charity event for FARA. Therefore, we usually hold the event in the month of July. This year on July 9th, there were quite a few people that arrived, mostly small children and their families waiting to ride the carousel. Last year we raise about $1,000, so hopefully, this year will match that or do better!

The evening turned out to be beautiful. Lots of laughter, fun, positivity, great people and great food. It was so great to watch as the night went on more and more friends came out to support FARA. ljfishtale.com

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