hope for toMORROW webOn March 11th, friends and family of Anna Morrow, from Baltimore, MD, came together to raise money for FARA during the 'Bringing It Home' Fundraiser. Anna, age 10, was diagnosed with FA in June 2015. Anna’s preschool and church, Brown Memorial Woodbrook, came to parents Kristin and Ben Morrow immediately after her diagnosis with the idea of hosing a fundraiser for the family.

The energy from nearly 400 guests was amazing, not to mention the commitment by all of the volunteers, school and church members and family and friends, who helped make the evening possible. There were three other FA families in attendance, all newly diagnosed with elementary school age children in the MD/PA area. 

BringingitHome1The event hosted a live band, raffles, food, and donated beer and wine for a fun-filled atmosphere. A committee of friends and family began planning the event months prior, deciding to have volunteers make the food and desserts. Local businesses and and guests became sponsors of the event and donated items for the raffle. FARA representatives created a website for online ticket sales and donations, as well as managing mail-in responses. FARA's grassroots fundraising coordinator, Ann Musheno, made organizing the event incredibly easy by helping to keep ticket sales and donations organized, as well as providing advice and suggestions along the way. Originally, the event was going to sell out at 250 guests, but when so many tickets were being sold, it was decided that a tent be installed to make room for more!

FARA representatives Felicia deRosa helped with the raffle and guests were honored to hear Kyle Bryant speak about FARA and its role in advancing research. Guests were thrilled to meet Felicia and Kyle and privileged to have them join us!

It is not often we have the chance to gather together and help provide a life-altering opportunity for another, but on the evening of March 11th, many did just that. The event raised over $38,000 for FARA, and the Morrow family plans to make the fundraiser an annual event.