Fuzzy Buzzy On the second Sunday of September, for the past 19 years, we have been hosting the Fuzzy Buzzy Golf Tournament. My name is Erin O’Neil. I am 43 years old and I am living my dreams –– just like the tattoo on my wrist says to!

I was diagnosed with FA in 1992. Times were very different for me and my family prior to FARA’s creation in 1998. I graduated High School in ‘98 and was navigating my teen years on my own. There was no hope and no community; no one even knew what FA was and there were definitely no researchers, pharmaceutical companies, or scientists involved.

In 2004, when I was finished with college, I moved out of my parents house, got a job where I remained for 17 years until I was laid off. I suddenly had more time to focus on myself and my fundraising efforts.

Fuzzy Buzzy The Fuzzy Buzzy has become my favorite day of the year. This year I was a little worried the weather might not cooperate, but I had hope that everything would work out in the end! The night before the event my family and I had to call, text, and email all 144 golfers and friends to let them know the start of the event was moving up by one hour so that we could hopefully beat the rain.

Unfortunately, after eight holes…rain, thunder, and lightning came which obviously meant ending the golf. Everyone went back inside where they cooked an earlier than expected meal, since all of the players had already paid for their 18 holes and dinner.

But, thankfully, the day was not lost! We had a lot of raffles and silent auction items. We were also able to have a nice lunch with FAmilies from all over New England and 2 FARA board members. It turned into a day reminding us it is not about golf but the cause! We raised a total of $34,000 for FARA. I am already getting ready for next year, Sunday September 8!

Written by: Erin O’Neil