CamilaHello, my name is Camila and I'm from Brazil. I was diagnosed around my 20th birthday. Living with FA is not easy, but before my diagnosis, it was more difficult. I only read about FA six year later when I could not hide anymore to everybody (I thought that I was hiding it, lol) even for me (I was lying to myself).


I try to live a good life, but my up and down emotions are getting bigger and bigger every day. I'm a smiling person!!! :) I like very much to travel, go out and meet new people and new places, going to the movies too, listening to some good music and sing in the karaoke.

When I decided to use a wheelchair, it was a relief because I was tired of looking down and miss the life around. But you can't let them be a part of you... (what is no hard). That's why nobody can't give up... I do some physiotherapy and GPR because deep inside I have faith that we will find a cure!!!

Finally, I got to be here to try to do something good not just for me but for others that need a little help to pass through the dark side of this disease.