corinne oehen My name is Cori, I‘m 35, and I live in the German part of Switzerland.

I was diagnosed when I was 16. My youngest brother had early symptoms, so they diagnosed him when he was 10. The doctors told to my parents it’s hereditary, so they tested my DNA too. I started to use a wheelchair 13 years ago. Twice a week I do physiotherapy, with home work-outs and Yoga too, I try to stay fit.

With the diagnosis of FA, my life changed a lot. I learned to accept and to enjoy life with ups and downs. With FA, life is not over. Any of us humans, have a backpack to carry; so keep carrying and smiling. I love traveling, surfing, cooking and yoga.

I live by my own in Switzerland. Before, I lived for 2 years in Brazil. I speak German, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. I’m a positive mind who never gives up. In the pandemic, I started to use Instagram and I met a lot of great people with FA from all over the world. It’s very cool to have a FAmily. Because of this I love to share my experience of life with FA to the world.

I worked in an office and did further education in Marketing. After a few years I quit my job. I decided to live more intensely and enjoy the things more in my life. I began to travel and collecting moments. Traveling is kind of a freedom for me.