Jennifer GMy name is Jennifer Gasner. My FA diagnosis came nearly 30 years ago, at 17. It was genetically confirmed when the test became available. I have a BA in English and a Masters in Recreation. I grew up in Wisconsin. In 1999 I started using a wheelchair and began working with Independent Living Centers, (ILC's), an important resource for people with disabilities that I knew nothing about. That experience changed my perspective on disability so much. It led to being proud to be disabled, which I had been avoiding referring to myself as. I also felt comradery with my disabled friends, regardless of their diagnosis. I had only briefly met one other FA'er and felt very alone. It was great to discover commonalities and people who had experienced things I hadn't as FA progressed.


I moved to San Diego by myself in 2001. I worked for a number of non-profits and UC San Diego. I was a mentor for a mentorship program for youth with disabilities for five years. In 2014 I quit working after an additional diagnosis of MS. I became a certified yoga teacher in 2015.

I love movies, music, reading, and writing. I am currently writing my memoir.