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Slim's Journey 2018

Slim collageSlim's Journey 5k run/2.5k walk was held in Warrenton, MO at College United Methodist Church on September 22nd, 2018 for its 7th and final event. Julie Myers and 6 other board members, Jeff Myers, Jodi Owens, Nicole Hardey, Kelly Hill, Gina Licameli and Kristi Zinn, worked hard in organizing this event to success. The volunteers at the booths, the setting up/taking down of signs, the finish line, the firefighters, the speakers, the photographer, the homemade breakfast for all the racers....all of it. It was amazing and very well put together! It takes time, money, dedication, success and failures to make an event like this come to fruition.


How it began:
Slim's Journey started in 2012 after Julie & Jeff Myers son, Justin (Slim [his nickname]) was diagnosed, in 2011, with Friedreich's Ataxia. After learning there was nothing they could do to stop this disease, it did not sit well with them. "Therefore, we decided supporting FARA while honoring God was something we COULD do." - Julie Myers

Journey collageAlthough this is an annual event, this was the last year Slim's Journey will be hosting the walk/run. It will be moving to St Charles, MO to increase awareness of FA. One of the FAmilies who attended Slim's will be hosting the walk/run under a new name. Slim's Journey will be working to host a new type of event in the future and will continue to support FARA.

My team 'Gotta Have FAith' grew again! This was my third consecutive year participating in Slim's Journey and more love & support was had! 26 signed up, but 18 of us represented on the streets. Which I am beyond blessed for :) There were also many other teams with many participants; I don't have an exact head count to give but do know there was a good amount of support!

A favorite of mine is knowing FAers, our family & friends and myself are able to be in one spot doing the same thing - raising awareness and donations for research of treating FA. Even though everyone may have a different outlook on FA, we're all there for the same intention in kicking FA's butt!

This year, alone, $23,000 was raised!! Over the past 7 years, Slim's Journey raised $150,000. Everyone needs to tip their hats to those wonderful individuals who did work in raising this money for FARA. This is wonderful and so kind.

And to all the Slim Journeians, whether your participation was big or small, I warmly thank you for your dedication over the years. Every vibe, prayer, penny...makes a positive stride.

Let's start off the new run/walk with a bang next year!! Mark your calendars now - September 14th, 2019. See you there!


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