When Kerry Westfall was diagnosed at age 16 with a rare neurodegenerative disease that had no treatments or cures, the news was devastating. But 15 years later with the debut of his own exercise DVD, he couldn’t be more optimistic.

That’s because, at 31, Westfall did the unexpected when he decided to videotape himself exercising. Confined to a wheelchair with the genetic disorder Friedreich’s ataxia, Westfall was faced with a future of muscle weakness, a loss of arm and leg coordination , curvature of the spine, vision impairment, hearing loss, slurred speech and early death. He overcame t he depression of his situation and got active inste ad. With the help of personal trainer Ed Ferrell, who owns a Fitness Together studio in Temecula, Calif., the two put together a fitness schedule that has helped Westfall maintain maximum control over his body in spite of his medical condition.

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