Dear friends,

The updates in this month's newsletter reflect FARA's core value of collaboration. For example, FARA's newly funded research was co-funded with our partners at fara Australia, FARA Ireland, and the National Ataxia Foundation. Also, while the SoCal and Gainesville teams were in a friendly competition with one another in the rideATAXIA Coastal Challenge, it was their collective efforts that raised over $100,000 for research. Lastly, the enrolling clinical studies and trials are only possible through the collaborative efforts of clinicians, pharma, and FA families. Though the individuals in these groups are largely unknown to one another, they each need to fulfill their role of investigator, sponsor, or trial participant in order to successfully advance research.

We look forward to celebrating and highlighting more of our collaborative efforts in May- FA Awareness month, when we join fara Austrialia in their annual Lend Us Some Muscle campaign, and we bring back the FARA Flash Talk series featuring our Young Investigators. Until then, thank you for all the ways you collaborate to bring us closer to treatments and a cure for FA.


Jen Farmer,
Chief Executive Officer

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