Dear friends,

As you know, Fall is the season for many FARA fundraising events, a scientific conference, and our largest educational FA Patient Symposium. We've been working on adapting those events to a virtual format, and we are excited to deliver all of their energy and information straight to your home. You will find the details for these events throughout this newsletter.

We also recently launched a new program called The Pathway - a monthly recurring gift program. In honor of the 1 in 50,000 people living with FA, we set a goal to enroll 50 new contributors in The Pathway over the next couple of weeks. A monthly donation of $10 or more is a budget friendly way to support ongoing research.

In the first week, 20 new participants enrolled in the program, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be one of them. I believe in the power of research to transform lives. FARA funds research along the entire continuum- from the lab bench to the clinical bedside. Sustaining contributions received through The Pathway allow FARA to ensure that researchers are exploring all molecular, systemic and clinical pathways that will lead to treatments and a cure with urgency. ...

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