Katie Schultz joined the FARA team, as the Patient Engagement Director, in early February (welcome, Katie!). She recently had the opportunity to visit the labs of some FARA Funded Researchers and meet members of the FA community.


"It was exciting to meet Dr. David Corey and his colleagues and tour his lab at UT Southwestern Medical Center. We were able see firsthand the research that they are doing with patient skin cells....[and] hear about Dr. Corey’s incredible work researching ways to increase frataxin and to experience life in the lab."
"Can you imagine a way to grow and transform the skin cells from actual FA patients into any other type of cell, like neuronal or cardiac cells, which are critical for FA research? Drs. Marek Napierala and Jill Butler and their team at The University of Alabama at Birmingham are doing just that. And where do they get those skin cells? From you via Dr. Dave Lynch’s lab at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia! The key to successfully finding a treatment/cure for FA is partnership and collaboration. Without you, there would be no skin cells, and without Dr. Napierala’s team, there would be no processed research material for Dr. Corey and other FA scientists to do their important work."

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